Table of Contents

  1. Spheres employment.
    • Space (MIC).
    • Public Health.
    • Electron Industry.
  1. Aspects development are determined.
    • Up-to-date electron microscopy and spectroscopy at high resolution (contrast shaping dynamical theory) – structure analysis, chemical ultramicroanalysis.
    • Biocryopreparation (biomatrices and biopreparations prepare at heightened level nativity).
    • Bionanotechnologies (Gene engineering), Sensitive bionanotechnologies (creation of the New class of a living biological systems, Human, Weapon).
  1. Technologies are developed.
    • Electron technologies.
    • Technologies of biocryopreparation.
    • Bionanotechnologies (Gene engineering), Sensitive bionanotechnologies.
  1. Equipment is created.
    • New class of analytical scanning (transmission) electron microscope with spectrometers at heightened resolution.
    • Plant of biological samples cryopreparation.
    • Plant of native biomatrices cloning and reanimation.

Equipment is developed, produced and approbed under laboratory-scale with obtaining positive results. 

*  Methods of seismographic forecast are developed in the mode of on-line.

  • Method of physical forecast (Planetary Model).
  • Method of biological forecast (biomedical stress syndrome).
    R ~240 km, δt ~ 15 days.

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