Biology (Medicine), Crystallography and Physics of Semiconductors.

Electron technologies.
Technologies of biocryopreparation.
Bionanotechnologies (Gene engineering).

Electron microscopes with spectrometers.
High-native biomatrices (biopreparations).
New class of a living biological systems.
New materials and semiconductor devices.
Object of a strategic-purpose (on a turnkey basis).

1. New class of analytical scanning (transmission) electron microscope with spectrometers at heightened resolution is created under production-scale of manufacturer by means of modernization manufacturer produced of up-to-date instrument model with high and stable output parameters.

  • Modernization is carried out without deterioration of instrument output parameters.
  • Patenting.
  • Technological basis of manufacturer (database).
  • Calculation of electron optics, electron diagrams, constructions and kinematics (database).
  • Simulation (program and on a stand) of a mock-up, experimental pattern and instrument (database).
  • Investigation of the instrument by manufacturer (database).
  • Investigation of the instrument at an Institute of Crystallography (database).
  • Development of an addition to the contrast shaping theory in electron microscopy and spectroscopy at high resolution (for X-ray and electron wave).

2. Biological preparations (biomatrices) at heightened level nativity are prepared at a biological laboratory of high-resolution electron microscopy and spectroscopy (a cloning biological laboratory).

  • Patenting.
  • Plant of biological samples cryopreparation is produced by means of glass-blown works.
  • Laboratory equipment and materials.
  • Cryopreparation of biological samples.
  • Expert opinion of the attained level preparations nativity (biomatrices).

3. New class of a living biological systems is created at a cloning biological laboratory.

  • Patenting.
  • Plant of native biomatrices cloning and reanimation is produced by means of glass-blown works.
  • Laboratory equipment and materials.
  • Development of the programs changing reanimation chamber gas medium parameters in the mode of cloning and reanimation (database).
  • Cloning and reanimation of native biomatrices.
  • Expert opinion of the realizability cloning and reanimation stages of native biomatrices.

4. New class of scanning electron microscope at heightened resolution in the capacity of electron-hole pairs injector (determination of a n-p junctions parameters of semiconductor devices), laboratory physics of semiconductors.

5. A small-size Institute of Crystallography, equipped with unique industrial pattern equipment with departments of the physical and biological problems (on a turnkey basis).

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